D2 Delivery Robot

Aobo – Humanoid Robot

2,500.00 AED
AoBo Xiaoao is one the best welcoming robot in the industry. It can be widely used in company show room, company front desk, museum, retail stores, …

D2 is a classic demonstration for the implementation of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in the catering industry. D2 can handle daily restaurants catering service magnificently with featured AI powered technology such as SLAM, LiDAR, Depth Camera etc. Besides its ability to perform catering tasks, the robot also draws attention from the street, bringing more customers to the business. D2 is a perfect heavy-duty masterpiece of AI ideal for Restaurants, Shopping Malls, Hotels, Offices, and all other Catering requirement. 



  • Machine Dimensions: 530 x 500 x 1455 mm
  • Robot Weight: 50 Kgs 
  • Charging Time: 4 Hours 
  • Load Carrying Capacity: 40 Kg 
  • Endurance: 08 Hours 
  • Working Speed: Up to 1.5 meter / second (Speed can be adjusted) 


  • Elevator Integration 
  • Customer Attraction 
  • Voice Notification
  • Non – Stop Delivery
  • Autonomous Navigation
  • Autonomous Charging 

Eye Catching Design 

D2 adopts an innovative bionic design. The bionic design is just perfect from the height of the machine body to the screen tilt, and to the shape curve. 

Birthday Mode 

Provides users with an unprecedented food delivery robot experience. 

Large – Sized Screen 

16.5 inches of display, allows to display promotional videos, restaurant menu, and other materials in customized zone, providing a more eye – catching approach. 

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