The TEMI Bot

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The Temi Robots differentiate operations by providing cost-effective, 24 X 7 autonomous staff members for everyday tasks with a focus on engagement…

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The Temi Robots differentiate operations by providing cost-effective, 24 X 7 autonomous staff members for everyday tasks with a focus on engagement efficiency. Temi Robots are highly supporting the industries dealing in Hospitality, Enterprises, Healthcare, Retail & Education. Temi is one of the world’s very first, brilliant, mobile, personal robots for your home or office. Temi places you at the center of your technology, including smart home devices, online content, and video communications all harnessed by the power of your voice, hands-free. Featuring state-of-the-art AI, and a system of sensors and cameras, Temi will seamlessly improve your life, perfectly navigating in the most dynamic environment imaginable your home or office. Temi offers you an effortless way to connect with online content and friends. With Temi, you can enjoy an unparalleled personal robot experience, as user-friendly as a light switch. To navigate home without running into walls or over the dog's tail, Temi, which also can use a male voice, is bristling with high-tech sensors. These include three camera systems, four microphones, and light detection and ranging sensor, better known as LIDAR. That is the kind of technology used on some autonomous cars and the whirring gadget responsible for giving me a scare. The cameras can be used for facial recognition so Temi knows it's you, and you even can teach Temi via voice commands to recognize when she's in the living room instead of the bedroom.

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