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AoBo Xiaoao is one of the best welcoming robots in the industry. It can be widely used in the company showroom, company front desk, museum, retail …

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AoBo Xiaoao is one of the best welcoming robots in the industry. It can be widely used in the company showroom, company front desk, museum, retail stores, shopping malls, banks, hotels, subways, stations, airports, specialty stores, government halls, and other public places Provide services such as welcome, guided tour, and inquiry, reducing the work pressure of service personnel, and saving labor costs for users. Utilities of Xiaoao:- Application Scene Hotel, Bank, Administrative Centre, Restaurant, Science &   Technology, Museum, Library, Hospital, School, Sales Center, Shopping Mall,   Cinema, Car Stores, Banquet Hall, Wedding Celebration, Opening Ceremony Etc. Functions Overview Business Consulting, Greeting, Business Reservation, Business Handling, Explanation, Promotion, Patrol, Etc. Greeting A Visitor The Robot is Equipped   With A Sensor Which Can Sense The Human Body When They Are Close To It, It Will   Actively Interact With The Visitor, Such As Broadcast Promotion Information,   Or Greeting, Play Video, etc., You Can Custom Any Information Content When It   Interacts With People. Guiding It Can Guide The   Visitor To Different Locations After You Set The Map. Product Introduction It Can Do Product   Introduction, Advertisements, Important Information, Promotion Ad For You,  It Can Play Audio, Pictures, Video When It Is   Speaking. Business Handling It Can Handle   Inquiries, Reservations, Business settlements (To Be Customized), Such As   Hotel Self-Check-In, Banking Business Consultation, Tax Department Business   Reservation, Etc., Hospital Visit And guides, Telecom Business Hall As Lobby   Manager, Shopping Mall Promotion, Etc. Business Consulting Custom Voice   Dialogue, Support For Building Different Cloud Voice Database (To Be   Customized), Such As If The Client Wants To Use The Robot In The   Hospital, We Can Make The Robot Connect With The Hospital Cloud Voice   Database. Answer A Variety Of Business Advisory Questions To Customers And Be   Able To Continuously Intelligent Learning Optimization. Search Information By Voice Command The Robot Can Do As   Per Your Voice Command To Open The Website, Open App, Open The Browser To   Surf The Internet And Look For The Information As Per Your Voice Command. Show Pictures And Video Bring Up Picture   And Video By Voice Command Open Software By Voice Command You Can Open The   Software By Voice Command Control. Guest Host Customized The Word   For Releasing The Important News. , Be Able To Guest In All Kinds Of   Interactive Performances In The Form Of Dialogue, Explanation, Sports, Etc. Presented Etiquette Can Participate In   Awards Ceremony, Complete The Presentation Of Prizes Etiquette Work. Can   Complete All Kinds Of Publicity Materials, Exquisite Gifts Delivery Work. Expression Interaction The Robot Has Been   Designed To Identify Your Emotions And To Select The Behavior Or Expressions   Best Suited To The Situation Fun Chatting It Can Achieve Fun   Chatting Through The Cloud Voice Database. Information Playback If Need, The Robot   Can Play Or Playback The Content (Include Audio, Video, Pictures) As It Walks,   Walk To A Different Destination And Play Different Content, The Content-Format Can Be Mp3, Mp4, Jpg,  Txt) Control Method You Can Control The   Robot To Play Different Content By App Or Remote Control, Or Do Advertisement   Or Promotion Body Movement The Robot Can Move   The Neck, Arm, Wrist, Finger, Palm, With 28 Joints Multi-Point Explanation The Robot Can   Autonomously Navigate To Different Positions To Promote Different Content.

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