AI is a term that refers to a computer or machine’s ability to accomplish tasks or make decisions, just like humans.


Robots are widely used  to perform simple repetitive tasks, and in industries where work must be performed in environments hazardous to humans.

AI Robots

As robots are defined to minimize the efforts of humans, their technology allows to provide  automated function with the convenience to use them.

About Optimus Robots

Optimusrobo has raised the bar to a newer height by providing a Virtual Reality Solutions for Robotics in Dubai that includes a complete range of Humanoid Robots and Service Robots in many discrete applications Apart from providing the turnkey solutions for product industry and service industry company also provides a plethora of engineering services including Mechanical Design, Simulation, Robot Programming, PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) Programming and Integration services onsite and offsite. 

The company also use PLC to read digital and analog inputs from various field devices, execute a user – defined logic program and write the resulting digital and analog output values to various output elements. Additionally, the enterprise develops system for the interaction of the shop floor devices with the top floor for monitoring as well as controlling. ​The Ai-Driven Video Creation Servicesoffered by Optimusrobo are in line with the international quality parameters. It’s hard – wearing and high performing deliverables are acknowledged for their economical and energy efficient performance in diverse industry applications. 

Optimusrobo is committed to client to maintain impressive ROI by providing robotic solutions with brand new and refurbished robots along with service and spare supports. The mission is to imagine and create exceptional robots that enrich people’s lives. Building machines that can approximate the mobility, dexterity and agility of people and animals is a grand challenge. Curiosity and respect for the natural world are at the heart of our work on robots. We see products derived from this work as the next step in the human history of building machines to reduce the danger, repetition and physically difficult aspects of work. 

Founded in 2021 at Dubai, UAE, we are a one of the leading Robotics Company building next generation of Autonomous Robots for serving all demands. Optimusrobo offers technical solutions and services, covering a wide range of industries and applications with its passion for excellence and concentrated focus on customer’s requirements. Remarkably capable mobile robots will soon be commonplace in the real world. 

Optimus Robotics is designed Robotics and Automation Programto evolve among humans. He is safe and pleasant to interact with and he can make himself useful by taking/giving objects, welcome and give directions to people. He is also a perfect platform to explore and understand stat-of-the-art AI & Robotics technologies.

UAE-based and founded in 2021, Optimus Robotics is a world-leading tech-focused enterprise dedicated to the design, R&D, production, and sales of commercial service robots on a mission to use robots to improve the efficiency of human production and living.

Optimus Robotics has heavily invested in R&D since its inception. Over the past few years, Optimus Robotics has rapidly grown to become a global leader with a presence in over 60 countries. In restaurants, coffee shops, hospitals, schools, office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, and factories, robots are widely used.

  • Objects Manipulation.
  • Available with mobility.
  • Open source Hardware.

Bring Robotic applications to the Real World!

Here at Optimusrobo our mission is to imagine and create exceptional robots Virtual Reality Solutions for Robo CS in Dubai that enrich people’s lives. By building robots that have the mobility, dexterity and perception required to contribute to our modern society, we strive to create a future in which humans and machines work together to improve everyone's safety, productivity and quality of life.

We all have a home to call our own, a journey to take, and fond memories to cherish.Welcome to Dubai.


100% Business Ownership

A significant amendment to a decades-old commercial law now allows foreign investors to fully own their mainland businesses, stipulating an Emirati national must be the majority shareholder with 51% of the shares, while foreign investors can own up to 49%.

This lift of restrictions on foreign investment ownership is part of a series of measures aimed at empowering not only an investor-centric and innovative economy, but also one that is responsive and agile.


5 Future Technologies That Will Be Mainstream

Tech companies rang in the start of the new year by unveiling some of their ambitious plans for the coming months. Startups and multinational companies alike are beginning to feel the ripple effects of innovation in the industry, with technology becoming more intertwined in everyday lives each year.

As 2018 progresses, here are 5 future technologies you can expect to reach the public in the next couple of years

1. Research

Fully open source, Optimus Robot is the perfect tool for you to freely explore new research frontiers. 

2. HealthCare

Our Robots can replace the mechanical tasks execution, undoubtedly bringing joy and confidence to the patients and medical personnel.

3. Retail

Employ Optimus Robots to create an unforgettable customer experience: inspire your clients to spread a word about you.

4. Education

Bringing Optimus Robots into your educational process will let your University stand out in the crowd

5. Events

Want to be perceived as the most progressive and innovative event of the year?


Top 4 Benefits of Service Robots.

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Future of Home Automation?

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Robot Trends For The future.

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